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Omnet++ Inet Framework Priority Scheduler

Discussion in 'OMNET++ Simulator' started by Amr Abughazala, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Amr Abughazala

    Amr Abughazala New Member

    Connecting Priority Scheduler to PPP connection working fine but connecting EtherMAC instead it doesn't work at all.

    I am trying to have a priority scheduler added in a switch using INET Framework and the only available example is diffserve where TrafficConditioner.ned file adds what is inside it, at ingress or egress port.

    I also observed in that example that router PPP interface has a queue where PriorityScheduler is included and I am trying to do the same in a switch.

    The problem is that in the example in diffserve once priority scheduler get the PacketEnqueued() call from the queue, the PPP interface send call packetrequest() to the Priority scheduler.

    In my case I have a switch with EtherMAC interface where it do nothing when scheduler receives PacketEnqueued()

    void PPP::handleMessage(cMessage *msg){...
        elseif(queueModule &&0== queueModule->getNumPendingRequests()){

    voidEtherMAC::handleMessage(cMessage *msg){...elseif(msg->getArrivalGate()== upperLayerInGate)
    Does that mean I should have a new EtherMac file that reacts only to TrafficConditioners



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