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Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy Protocol (leach) In Matlab

Discussion in 'Source Code of Protocols' started by Homaei, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Homaei

    Homaei Administrator Staff Member

    Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy protocol (LEACH)
    by Mohammad Hossein Homaei​

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    24 Oct 2013

    A Famous Clustering Routing Protocol in WSN


    LEACH is a hierarchical protocol in which most nodes transmit to cluster heads, and the cluster heads aggregate and compress the data and forward it to the base station(sink). Each node uses a stochastic algorithm at each round to determine whether it will become a cluster head in this round. LEACH assumes that each node has a radio powerful enough to directly reach the base station or the nearest cluster head, but that using this radio at full power all the time would waste energy.
    Nodes that have been cluster heads cannot become cluster heads again for P rounds, where P is the desired percentage of cluster heads. Thereafter, each node has a 1/P probability of becoming a cluster head in each round. At the end of each round, each node that is not a cluster head selects the closest cluster head and joins that cluster. The cluster head then creates a schedule for each node in its cluster to transmit its data.
    All nodes that are not cluster heads only communicate with the cluster head in a TDMA fashion, according to the schedule created by the cluster head. They do so using the minimum energy needed to reach the cluster head, and only need to keep their radios on during their time slot.
    LEACH also uses CDMA so that each cluster uses a different set of CDMA codes, to minimize interference between clusters.

    MATLAB releaseMATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)
    Other requirementsWindows x64

    Referenced by: http://www.wsnlab.org
    Author: Mohammah Hossein Homaei
    Wireless Sensor Networks Laboratory of Iran
  2. Debraj Paul

    Debraj Paul New Member

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