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Introduction To Cooja

Discussion in 'Cooja Simulator (Contiki)' started by Homaei, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Homaei

    Homaei Administrator Staff Member

    An Introduction to Cooja
    This page contains information about the COOJA network simulator for Contiki. To get most out of the information contained here, the reader should have basic Contiki knowledge: how to use the Contiki build system and how to create simple Contiki processes. COOJA is included in Contiki since version 2.0. In the Contiki source tree, COOJA resides in

    • tools/cooja Simulator code
    • platform/cooja Native platform with glue drivers for Cooja
    Table of Contents
    Getting started
    Java version 1.6 or later is required to run COOJA. We recommend using the latest version from Sun. In addition, the build tool ant is also required for building COOJA. For Windows users, we recommend using Cygwin. Add the Cygwin binaries path (for example c:\cygwin\bin) to your PATH environmental variable. To compile and start COOJA:

    cd tools/cooja ant run
    COOJA builds and the simulator is started. However, before you can simulate a Contiki system, you need to configure COOJA to correctly interface your toolchain.

    • Open menu Settings > External tools paths
    This dialog displays your current COOJA configuration: compiler paths and arguments, a bunch of regular expressions used to parse information from these tools, etc. These settings are stored in your home directory: .cooja.user.properties, such as in home/myuser or C:\Documents And Settings\myuser.
    COOJA configs for Contiki development: simulation quickstart
    It is also possible to quickstart COOJA, instead of starting COOJA from the tools/cooja/ directory.

    To quickstart COOJA from a Contiki project directory, /home/user/mycontikiproject/:

    make myapp.cooja TARGET=cooja

    make mysimconfig.csc TARGET=cooja
    Log4j-Config from file.
    • -contiki=Path Set Contiki path
    • -external_tools_config=File Set Cooja config file.
    mailing list.

    Referenced by:https://github.com/contiki-os/contiki/wiki/An-Introduction-to-Cooja
    Author: Mohammad Hossein Homaei
    Supported by: www.wsnlab.org
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